Cucumber Neroli Hydrating Facial Toner

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Height 6.00 (in)
Width 6.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)

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Our Cucumber Neroli facial toner is a vegan hydrosol, a blend of plant hydrosols made with an infused organic cucumber hydrosol, carrot seed hydrosol and yarrow hydrosol with neroli essential oils.

A 100% organic alcohol-free toner that delivers powerful antioxidants and astringents to tighten up pores and prepare skin for moisturizing. Delivers botanical hydration to skin before it gets locked in by a moisturizer. A hydrating mist that quenches skin with an instant energizing lift.

100% plant-based.

Carrot Seed Hydrosol is an especially great choice for mature or sensitive skin. It's also a great toner for all skin types.

Cucumber hydrosol is a crisp and refreshing facial mist that soothes and cools skin. Cucumbers have been used to reduce puffiness and swelling.

Yarrow hydrosol tightens skin and promotes skin healing and works an an anti-inflammatory. Yarrow assists with skin cell turnover, help acne and assists in producing fresh and smooth looking skin.

This come in a glass 2 oz, clear glass bottle with a atomizer spray top.

This is great to use with our other facial products: Cleansing Grains, Facial Steams, Facial Masks and Facial Serums.